Aircraft Maintenance Stands – Completed Projects

MD-10 Nose Stand

The MD-10 Nose Stand was designed and built to accommodate the complete removal and replacement of the avionics bay and cockpit on the DC-10 aircraft

Jib Crane

One of eight aircraft engine removal jib cranes for the United Airlines Maintenance Center, Oakland, California.

Fuselage Stand

Combination B747/B777 Forward Fuselage Stands


New Mezzanines at the United Airlines Maintenance Facility Oakland, CA.

DC10/MD11 Empennage Stand


DC-10/MD-11 No. 2 Engine Change Stand

The DC-10/MD-11 No. 2 Engine Change Stand lifts the engine and Dolly to convenient height for fast engine replacement and provides a large safe work platform for mechanics.


Dock System

Structural elements of the new mezzanines for the United Airlines Oakland Maintenance Facility. A Design & Build project by KSF, the mezzanines were designed to work in conjunction with the new KSF B747/B777 Dock Systems.

United Airlines Overwing

This overwing provides fall protection while working on the wings of either the 747 or the 777 aircrafts at the San Francisco International airport in California.

Wing Dock

747 Wingdock and Mezzanine Structure at the United Airlines Maintenance Facility in Oakland California

B747/B777 Wing Dock

This fully powered Wing dock reduces docking/de-docking time and provides wing tip to wing tip coverage, including the wheel wells, for all current 747 aircraft.