Aircraft Maintenance Stand Services

A commercial Aircraft generates no income while in the hangar. It is our job to create the safest and most efficient maintenance stands and aircraft docking systems possible so that the mechanics and technicians can return the aircraft to service as rapidly as possible.

KSF provides comprehensive design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and assembly, as well as on-site technical instruction for system operation and maintenance. Our project managers and design engineers work hard to develop the best methods for protecting your aircraft and providing maintenance access for your employees so they can take care of your planes.


We Offer: Nose Stands, Fuselage Stands, Wing Docks, Engine Stands, Tail Stands, Empennage Stands, and Fully Automated Aircraft Docking Systems

While the docking system you need will present us with unique challenges, our experience is a transportable commodity. We’ll plot a course and execute a plan that will furnish you a aircraft docking system within your budget, which not only meets your needs, but also exceeds your expectations.

Before we start manufacturing your project we want to ensure it is going to turn out just as expected. We do this by using the latest software. Our engineers develop the design around a 3-D model of the aircraft with hanger limits also modeled. We utilize 3-D modeling and design software to ensure precise fit to the aircraft. We understand your needs and we design towards them.

KSF offers rapid prototyping. We have access to a 3-D printer, which allows us to produce a miniature model for you. With this we are able to assess where problems might lie or make any changes that you want made.


At KSF, we believe safety on the ground enhances safety in the air. We use the best materials and demand perfection from our staff – – because the safety of your aircraft and maintenance crews is our ultimate concern.

KSF believes in the Lean Manufacturing Technique, we eliminate uneccessary steps, improve quality, reduce production time and reduce the cost. By using this philosophy we reduce the man hours required to maintain the aircraft.


We have experienced erection crews, which ensure safety at the installation. We also have third party safety consultants’ reviews. All new employees go through extensive training. Read More on Safety

Turn Over & Long Term Maintenance

Hands on and video training can be provided along with commercial or MIL-STD operation and maintenance manuals. Long term maintenance of supplied equipment can be arranged.

Need an Aircraft Maintenance Stand Quick?

We have designs for these aircraft docking/maintenance stands:
Boeing: B717, B727, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777,
McDonald Douglas: MD-11, MD-80, DC-10
Airbus: A300, A310, A320, A330, A340
Lockheed: C-5, C-130