Stairways and Handrailings

Since 1959 Kern Steel has been fabricating steel stairways and handrailings. Miscellaneous steel is how Kern Steel got its start in the steel business. We have been fabricating steel ever since and have extended our business to structural steel as well as ground support equipment.

City & Government

32 Acre Park-Brighthouse Amphitheatre

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Contractor: S.C. Anderson
Square Footage: 12,000
Tons: 112

A large portion of this job was the construction of the 3,000 sq ft Amphitheatre with exposed aluminum wire mesh panels integrated between the tube steel trusses and brace frames.  The site work included multiple styles of metalized guardrails at the bridges, amphitheatre, overlooks and stairways.

Castaic Lake Water Agency

Location: Santa Clarita, CA
Contractor: Bachini-Deferville
Square Footage: 8,000
Tons: 60

This was an extension of an existing two-story building. With limited access, this building was constructed with a steel/wood combination. In addition to the structural steel, Kern Steel Fabrication also replaced portions of the balcony guardrail to match the existing railing.

Force Intel Operations

Location: MCB Camp Pendeleton, CA
Contractor: Randall's Steel Erectors, Inc.
Square Footage:
Tons: 52

International Airlines Terminal Phase II

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Contractor: JTS Construction
Square Footage: 4,900
Tons: 47


Kern Schools Federal Credit Union

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Contractor: Wallace & Smith Contractors
Square Footage: 270,000
Tons: 1,051

This project is in the process of becoming LEED certified. This Green Building when certified will be the only one in the Valley to be LEED certified. With this project great communication was essential to get the job done.

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Lost Arrow Solar Project

Location: Ventura, CA
Contractor: Hartigan Foley
Square Footage: 22,000
Tons: 60

The Lost Arrow Solar Project provided Kern Steel with a unique opportunity to fabricate with corrosion resistant steel.

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Baymont Inn

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Don Kimmel
Square Footage:

Kern Steel did the structural and miscellaneous steel on Baymont Inn. The staircase railing was fabricated with a slight curve.

Cross Roads Business Center

Location: Irvine, CA
Contractor: Camco-Pacific Construction Company
Square Footage: 60,000


Location: Bakersfield, CA
Contractor: Wallace & Smith
Square Footage: 145,000
Tons: 400

Tulare Office Building & Parking Structure

Location: Tulare, CA
Contractor: S.C. Anderson, Inc
Square Footage:
Tons: 62


Sonora Regional Medical Center

Location: Sonora, CA
Contractor: H.B.E.
Square Footage: 163,000
Tons: 762

This Hospital Building is four-stories with a basement. It also includes a two-story medical office building and cancer center. There are five stair towers. This hospital was constructed with structural steel and joist. It was built on the side of a mountain, which posed a slight challenge for Kern Steel. This project was constructed under strict OSHPD 3 standards.

Kaiser Permanente-Ontario Vineyard Medical Center

Location: Ontario, CA
Contractor: DPR Construction
Square Footage: 285,000
Tons: 1,145

This Medical Office Building was fabricated and erected by Kern Steel Fabrication. It consists of four stories with a basement. It has three stair towers and balconies. This project was constructed under the strict OSHPD 3 standards.

Customers Keep Returning to Kern Steel

With Steel costs on the rise and a tight building schedule, good communication was essential between Taylor Teter Partnership, Wallace and Smith, and Kern Steel Fabrication, Inc. Together they were able to lock in a design and order the steel early, which got them a much better price. The project these companies were working together on was the Kern School Federal Credit Union main office building in Bakersfield, CA.

Kern Steel was hired by General Contractor Wallace & Smith to work together with other subcontractors to get this project done. Justin Marino, Structural Engineer for Taylor Teter Partnership, recalls that Kern Steel was, “very good to work with and they were very well coordinated.” Before a building can be fabricated it must be designed. There was a lot of collaboration between the design team and Kern Steel before the final design was completed. This allowed for a very efficient and economical structural steel design that incorporated the fabricators best manufacturing practices with what the Engineer and Architect wanted and allowed for the project to be completed on schedule.

Project Superintendent for Wallace and Smith, Tom McCormack said, “We set some goals for Kern Steel on some dates and you guys were able to meet all those goals,” Kern Steel was able to come in on schedule and on Budget.

This wasn’t the first time that Kern Steel and Wallace & Smith have worked together. Wallace and Smith was so impressed with Kern Steel’s performance on a Chevron-Texaco project in Bakersfield that they came back to KSF for the Kern School Federal Credit Union Project. McCormack said, “When we have a job that requires quality and workman like attitudes we always go to Kern Steel on the big stuff.” Taylor Teter Partnership are also working with Kern Steel again, they are currently working with Kern Steel on Kingsburg Elementary School in Kingsburg, California. “It was a pleasure to work with Kern Steel and we would definitely work with them again,” said Marino.

“When we have a job that requires quality and workman like attitudes we always go to Kern Steel….” -Tom McCormack, Project Superintendent for Wallace & Smith

Schools Post


Frontier High School

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Contractor: Colombo Construction
Square Footage: 222,000
Tons: 449

Kern Steel fabricated and erected the 12 different buildings at this High School. Each building was designed to the subject discipline to be taught. Frontier High School is designed to house 2,200 students. In the construction of this High School both steel as well as wood were used.


College of the Canyons, High Tech Lab Center

Location: Santa Clarita, CA
Contractor: Klassen Corporation
Square Footage: 54,500
Tons: 395

This complex two-story building had a sloping radius center glass atrium fabricated from round tube frames.  The building was built into a hill, providing areas of the building to be below ground level. The building also contains stairs, hundreds of linear feet of multi line stainless steel cable railing and ornamental fencing.


Third Education Center

Location: Clovis, CA
Contractor: Harris Construction
Square Footage: 96,000
Tons: 716

This portion of the project consisted of three buildings, a double Gymnasium, Locker Room and Concession Stand. The Gymnasiums rolled roofs are made up of six 135’-0 three cord pipe trusses, five 105’-0 three cord pipe trusses and four rolled wide flange trusses.


Kingsburg Elementary School

Location: Kingsburg, CA
Contractor: Harris Construction Company Inc.
Square Footage: 38,000
Tons: 310


Kennedy Middle College High School

Location: Norco, CA
Contractor: Neff Construction
Square Footage: 95,000
Tons: 1,200

Kern Steel fabricated and erected this building, which consists of three wings. The two outside wings are two story classroom buildings and the center wing is a partial two-story building with the entire roof rolled lengthwise.  Additional steel includes structural metal deck, galvanized canopies, mechanical screen walls, stairs and rails and refuse enclosure gates


Segerstrom High School

Location: Santa Ana, CA
Contractor: Telacu/PCM3
Square Footage: 365,000
Tons: 1,700

This is a large Comprehensive High School designed to house 2,500 students. The High School consists of five buildings, each with a unique design that relates to the subject discipline that will be taught. Various types of construction were used for this school from all steel, steel and wood, steel and masonry and also concrete and steel.


UCSF Fresno Medical Education and Research Center

Location: Fresno, CA
Contractor: Lathrop
Square Footage: 185,000
Tons: 936

This project was not only a challenge because of the curved exterior walls, but also because of the multiple layers of sunscreens and canopies, each with a unique shape.  The fabrication of this three-story facility consisted of heavy structural steel, stairs, radius guardrails, sunshade, canopies and other small miscellaneous steel fabrications.


San Jose City College- Student/Career Center

Location: San Jose, CA
Contractor: Gonsalves & Stronck
Square Footage: 70,000
Tons: 800

Kern Steel helped transform the oldest community college in California into one of the newest.  We fabricated the structural steel for this two-story, Student Services & Career Center. Work included new building construction, site utilities, paving, landscape development, and other site improvements.  The 70,000 square foot building houses the campus bookstore, an enclosed loading dock, 20,000 square feet of administration and counseling office space, an 8,000 square foot commercial kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining, campus security dispatch, media and conference rooms, a cyber café, and the campus radio station and broadcast room.


Delano High School #2

Location: Delano, CA
Contractor: S.C. Anderson, Inc
Square Footage: 280,000
Tons: 520


Space Saver Middle School

Location: Santa Ana, CA
Contractor: Bernard Bros. Construction
Square Footage: 90,000


Fullerton High School

Location: Fullerton, CA
Contractor: Erickson-Hall Construction, Company
Square Footage:
Tons: 130


California State University Northridge

Location: Northridge, CA
Contractor: S.J. Amaroso Construction
Square Footage: 126,000


Brisbane Technology Park

Location: Brisbane, CA
Contractor: Webcor Builders
Square Footage: 183,284


Liberty High School

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Contractor: S.C. Anderson Construction
Square Footage:

C-5 Empennage Stand

What is a C-5 Empennage Stand? The Empennage Stand is also known as a Tail Stand. This ground support equipment is used in inspecting and maintaining the C-5 aircraft. The Empennage Stand is a six level self-propelled stand, which provides full access to the tail cone, vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

The docking stand also allows complete access to the rear cargo door while mated to the C-5 there-by enabling the removal of the cargo door and loading ramp. The stand has specially designed mechanically actuated sliders. Time for docking and de-docking is minimized through both the mechanized sliders and the stands self-propelled capabilities. The overall design of the stand fits well with the Air Force’s emphasis on Lean Systems. Click Here To Read More About Lean Manufacturing.

StandKern Steel is currently finalizing the third C-5 Empennage Stand for the United States Air Force. Kern Steel was awarded this contract on August 22, 2005. Kern Steel was awarded a contract to provide for the design and production of this stand. This was a design build project. Kern Steel custom crafted this stand to the requirements and needs of the Air Force. They studied the base and worked with the Air Force to determine their specific needs. Kern Steel provided the Air Force with a comprehensive design and engineering.

Kern Steel was selected for this project through the Air Forces rigorous “Full Four Color” source selection process.

View an article from the Air Force’s AFOPO publication on this subject.

This selection resulted in Kern Steel being selected as the “Best Value” and most technically competent contractor. This is the second job that Kern Steel has done for the Air Force. The first was the repair of a C-5 Wing and Fuselage Dock for the Air Force at the Travis Air Force Base in California. Kern Steel was able to finish the job a full month ahead of schedule.  To find out more click on link below.

View video of stand erection

The C-5 aircraft is one of the largest aircrafts in the world. It can carry outsize and oversize cargo intercontinental ranges and can take off or land in relatively short distances. Ground crews can load and off load the C-5 simultaneously at the front and rear cargo openings. Other features of the C-5 are:

  • Able to take off fully loaded within 8,300 feet (2,530 meters) and land within 4,900 feet (1,493 meters).
  • High flotation landing gear with 28 wheels sharing the weight. Nose and aft doors that open the full width and height of the cargo compartment to permit faster and easier loading.
  • A “kneeling” landing gear system that permits lowering of the parked aircraft so the cargo floor is at truck-bed height or to facilitate vehicle loading and unloading.
  • Full width drive-on ramps at each end for loading double rows of vehicles.
  • A system that records and analyzes information and detects malfunctions in more than 800 test points.
  • The C-5 is similar in appearance to its smaller sister transport, the C-141 Starlifter, although the C-5 is much larger. Both aircraft have the distinctive high T-tail, 25-degree wing sweep, and four turbofan engines mounted on pylons beneath the wings.

Taken from http://www.af.mil/factsheets/factsheet.asp?fsID=84

Smart Bead Could Fix Aging Pipelines


A small, new material can detect and repair corrosion in metal pipes. The “smart corrosion beads” are about half the thickness of a human hair.

A small, new material can detect and repair corrosion in metal pipes. The “smart corrosion beads” are about half the thickness of a human hair. They are able to detect corrosion on metal before it is visible. Once the corrosion is found, the beads release a special chemical that repairs the metal by essentially filling in the cracks created by the corrosion. Think of the applications!

Read more about the miracle beads here.

Special Steel Used in Projects

Special Steel Used in Projects

From Bid to Installation you can count on Kern Steel to get your project done right. General Contractor Hartigan/Foley did. Jerry Brown the superintendent for the project said, “The scheduling, erection and attention to detail and cleanliness of the sight were exactly what we needed.” Hartigan/Foley hired Kern Steel to do a project for the Patagonia Headquarters in Ventura, CA.

They came to Kern Steel needing a parking lot canopy that would hold solar panels. Patagonia Headquarters wanted a parking structure that would provide shade for employees to park under as well as produce electricity for the building. Patagonia also wanted corrosion resistant steel. This is a special type of steel that was developed to eliminate the need for painting, and has a rust like appearance. It is also known as Grade A588 cor-ten steel and is popularly used in outdoor sculptures and as exterior facades for its rustic antique appearance. Brown recalls, “This was a custom installation and had to be aesthetically pleasing and Kern Steel filled the bill very well.” Before this project Hartigan/Foley and Kern Steel worked together on the Lost Arrow Conference Building. Since successfully working with Hartigan/Foley on a number of projects, Kern Steel has been asked to bid some of Hartigan/Foley’s other projects.


“We wouldn’t hesitate to use Kern Steel again and would look forward to it.”  — Jerry Brown, Project Superintendent for Hartigan/Foley